Reflection for Possible Future Project

Reflection for Possible Future Project


In Possible Future project’s brief, it said the outcome needs to be ‘a communication design’. In last two projects, I designed magazine and book as the outcome. This time I thought I need to design a series of production.

The final outcome of this project will be a suitcase, there are several productions in it. When someone watches it in the exhibition, they could open the case, find clues about whose case it is and what’s the whole background story.

When I consider this expression of the outcome, I am also thinking about how graphic design works in our daily life. When I designing the things in the suitcase, I choose to design books, postcards, tickets, receipts and so on. They are the graphic design things appear in every corner of our life. For the viewers who watch and search in the suitcase, this outcome is not just a book or a series of illustrations, it is a story.

When I do my personal project, I think the most important part is research. I went to museums and saw some exhibitions. There are many ways for viewers to understand the work by artists. Maybe they want to know the background story, maybe they just want to see beautiful things with their eyes. But the way of seeing an exhibition would not be restricted, this is the most important thing I learned.

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