Final Evaluation

Consider the following questions and write a final evaluation of your project on your blog:


What challenges have you faced during the Possible Futures project? How did you overcome them? What strategies have you used to help solve problems?

The challenges I met in this project is how to make things real. It is easy to design or find beautiful things, but it is not easy to make them real like everything someone used in daily life. I tried many different materials and use different ways to made them looks like real things.


How effective has your research for the Possible Futures project been? Who or what have been the major influences on your project? What impact has your research had on your ideas and development?

In this project I read a lot of books, most of them are biographies. Then I watched documentaries and went to the museum for research artists’ living age. It helps me to build their figure in my project.


Did you achieve what you set out to? Has your project taken a different route to that which you expected?

The outcome of this project is not good as how I thought before, there were many small questions made them difficult to achieve the final effect.

One of the biggest questions I met is to design a hand-written notebook. I research Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook pages, his writing and pictures are hard to copy. Especially he likes to use basal ganglia agraphia.


How have you worked collaboratively with others? How have you used collaboration to progress your development and how will this help you in future?

Although because of my personal question I don’t do teamwork, my teacher always told me that I need to do much teamwork in BA course. I think maybe I should handle this mental question by myself, or get help from student service. Maybe I can try to do some little work in small groups and start to communicate with my classmates.


What have been your key strengths and weaknesses in this project?

It is hard for someone to judge him/herself.

But I think in this work, my weakness is still may not be able to express myself very well. I have been faced with such problems since the first work, but I have never found a good solution. As a graphic design work, it should be as much as possible to the audience, so that people can better understand the aesthetic elements. But my ideas are always too obscure to hide the subject.

If you have a strong point, it may be that the work is a novel form of expression, a series of products that can be put together.


How effective have you been at managing your time? How could you improve this in future projects?

I can’t manage my time effectively, but I think to write a timetable is a good way to improve it. This time I spent too much time on research and read a lot of documentary materials. But it ignores the need for more time to refine and add content.


What effective is your outcome in communicating your idea? How could it be improved? How do you plan to present it? Is it an appropriate professional standard?

My outcome can’t clearly explain my thought in this project. It is a long and hard experience for someone who wants to say or express something. I never hope to present something.


Have you addressed a particular target audience? Has the target audience for your work changed? Why is this?

It is hard for me to choose an audience. I’m so afraid to handle my project to someone.

From an artistic point of view, if you want more audience, you should not choose the audience. However, the professional graphic design I chose is a more commercial one, so I should expect different audiences to see it according to the content of the works. For example, in this project, my target audience is more towards the art lovers.


In what ways have your communication skills improved? i.e. writing/reading/speaking/listening. What further improvement do you need to make in preparation for BA? How will you achieve this?

‘I was interested in ideas, not in visual products. I wanted to put painting again in the service of the mind.’

-Marcel Duchamp


Reflect on the BA offers you have been made. What do you need to do to ensure you are ready to take up your place? How will the skills you have developed during the project help you at BA level, and in industry?

I will prepare for learning important skills in BA level, the first thing I will do is to finish my personal project immediately and start to learn new things. I have to read more books, catch more ideas, and find more artists’ experience.



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