Undergraduate Courses

Which undergraduate courses you are applying for and why?


I have a clear thought I want to apply Graphic & Media Design course for BA.

For the reason why I choose the graphic design… I came to LCC because I hear about LCC’s graphic design is an excellent course.

In the beginning, I don’t study art or any kind of drawing skills. The reason why I start to study graphic is I need to design the book. When I study book design, I get familiar with other graphic design productions like postcards, cards, VI design and UI design… When I doing these design works, actually, I can’t get many enjoyments. But the important thing is I still want to do.

I want to study BA course because I need a BA diploma to find a work in future. I know this is a boring reason just like ‘I want to earn money because I am hungry’, everyone needs the skill to buy their bread.

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