Interim Evaluation

12th March 2018

Consider the following questions and write an interim evaluation of your project on your blog and/or in your sketchbook:


What challenges have you faced during the Possible Futures project? How did you overcome them? What strategies have you used to help solve problems?

I want to do as much as I can to make this work, and to do what I’ve learned in class and other projects. But this makes the schedule very compact. And there is a lot of research to be done. I am very worried about whether I can finish the task in time.


How effective has your research for the Possible Futures project been? Who or what have been the major influences on your project? What impact has your research had on your ideas and development?

My research has affected the final result this time. By understanding the background of the Renaissance, I made the design very realistic.

I think the most important influence on my work is the research of the outstanding artists of that era.


Did you achieve what you set out to? Has your project taken a different route to that which you expected?

Because of my limitations, I did not achieve the desired effect. In the process of reduction and production, the workload is too great. Hundreds of pages of books and notebooks, for example, need to be made in a matter of weeks, and they involve paintings that I’m very bad at. I am trying to overcome these difficulties.


How have you worked collaboratively with others? How have you used collaboration to progress your development and how will this help you in future?

I have not yet collaborated with others in this work. But if I can, I’d really like to talk to people who have an understanding of Renaissance themes, or work with them. I would like to know more about the ideas of that era, which will definitely help the work.


What have been your key strengths and weaknesses in this project?

Although I do not agree that I can judge my work very well. But in this work, my weakness should not fit the theme well. Often, when you do your work, you will have more ideas, so you can’t focus on one topic. Where there are advantages, the results may be very suitable for exhibition, which is a work with strong visual effect.


How effective have you been in managing your time? How could you improve this in future projects?

Because I did too much research, I obviously didn’t manage my time well. I spent too much time reading and documentaries because I was too interested in my chosen subject. Therefore, in the next work, I think I will define the specific time plan and allocate the balance to research and production.


What do you plan to produce for the final exhibition? How and when will you produce it?

I want my work to be fully expressive, so I will make some visual appeal to the audience. For example, use a strong color, and make the volume of finished products larger. For this I bought a suitcase, which will be placed in the book and other items.


In what ways have your communication skills improved? i.e. writing/reading/speaking/listening. What further improvement do you need to make in preparation for BA? How will you achieve this?

My communication skills didn’t develop very well, but this time the speech was better than the previous one. I have learned to use PPT to explain the method, and pay attention to the communication with the audience, the other side can understand as the most important purpose of the speech.


Reflect on the BA offers you have been made. What do you need to do to ensure you are ready to take up your place?

I am very glad to get the admission notice of BA. But at the same time also feel the need to learn more, such as time management, and to watch more excellent graphic designers, have more experience, to create better work than now.

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