Personal Project Proposal

Personal Project Proposal


I clearly know Project 3 is one of the most important things in Level 3 course. I did a lot of work before I knew the title of this project. During Christmas holiday, I bought and read many books, got familiar with the unknown area and found some interest with that. After the holiday, I still keep doing research in those areas.

I have a complete plan for my project. When I studying graphic design, I noticed this is a subject with connecting with social media. When I did my research, I learned a lot about fine art. Both artworks and the history. Thought I am not good at illustration, there was an idea appeared in my mind, I planned to use graphic design way to describe other fields.

In this conception, the story which I want to express is connecting with my project 1 and 2. At this time, I will describe the story of “ancient artists in the modern world”. I watched a lot of

BBC Documentaries, I took note of them and bought books of famous artists’ graphic work. I also went Tate Britain, Tate Modern and British Museum to visited exhibition. For example, “Impression in London, French artists in exile 1870-1904” is one of them and it gave me a good view of the impressionist painting.

In this project, I will use Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create my final outcome. I will also use the Book Binding workshop. The outcome of my project will probably be a suitcase or file filled with magazine, papers, cards…

But there’s some question I can’t explain. In the last term, one of the course teachers told me this course is the place which we can express our ideas and find the possibilities of our artwork. This is not a company or office, we needn’t consider the market or how to sale our production. So I think my intended audience is “nobody”, and my work towards producing is “nothing”.

If my audience is “nobody”, which means everyone can watch this work. It could be exhibited whatever I want or don’t want. People can do everything they want when they watch this artwork. They can take the book from it and read, they can steal the paper or card, they can discuss the meaning of that work with their friends… But at that time, one thing I won’t do is explaining. It will restrict the thinking. Thought everyone has different ideas with the creator, but these ideas is important to exist.

The creator has the right of silence, and the silence is an important part of the work. Explanation will reduce the possibility of artwork. There is no rule said an artwork should be designed for someone and it should be explicable.

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