Reflection about Repurpose

Reflection about Repurpose:

I think Project2: Repurpose is a difficult title for me when I heard it. I used to designed many books in different papers or materials, but none of them is related to “garbage”.

At that time I was also thought I want to do Game Design next year. So I used about – 5 minutes to consider what will be my final outcome. Then I think that will be a game guide book.

I will design a game with the garbages I find, then use a book to record how a player play it. It is a book like personal notebook when someone write how him or her feeling when they play the game. I will put many collage arts in it, so actually the book which I want to design is also a kind of “repurpose”.

To reach this outcome, I do many research to design the background of game. These are resource that I put in the book. I also read some other artists or fictionists’ work, they gave me many design ideas. I also learned how to use After Effects and InDesign in workshop lesson.