Reflection about Toolbox


About Toolbox:

At the first one and two weeks we were introduced to workshops in school. I am interested in Letterpress and decided to use it in my postcode project. It seems very easy when teachers did it and gave us an example. But when I did it by my own hands, the inks went everywhere and my papers were suddenly full of strange graphs and lines. Although that’s a big challenge, with teacher’s help. I finally got my Letterpress papers.

Reflection about Postcode Project

Postcode Project


My postcode: SE1

Keywords: Nightview, Underground

Outcome: Magazine


Some ideas about my postcode project:

I didn’t choose SE1 in my own. It’s a random code number. But I thought I will do a magazine ( or a book ) when I choose this postcode. SE1 is not an area full of beautiful things or romantic atmosphere, there are broken wine bottles, homeless guys with their dog, empty chip bags… And I thought ‘that’s it’ at that time. I want to describe this area in dark, show the unstable part of the view. Everyone hold my magazine will read a story not about good views and comfortable things.

So I shot a lot of night view and underground. They are black and easy to make readers feel afraid.


Reflection about Postcode Project:

When I doing my postcode project, I got a few challenges form teachers and the project itself. At first I thought it is easy, but when I reading the brief in moodle and thought it deeply, I found there is something difficult.

The first question I should consider is the workshop. Teachers asked us to use two different workshops in our project, one should be in our out come. When I do designing, I am used to design things in Adobe software. But I never think to use things like letterpress or screen-printing in my work. I tried to book the workshops and use them. With the teachers’ help I got fun from them. Soon I realized that leave my comfortable zone is very important, just stay in the area I familiar with can’t learning new skills and have more ideas.

The second question is to touch and think. Teachers asked us to do primary research and secondary research in our project. I always do these things by my own. But when I follow the steps which I learnt in class, I went to different places to took photos, interviewed people, or ate something. These research methods made me felt I am actually in my project. More and more ideas came to my mind. To feeling the environment in your work background, it is the thing I learn from research.

The third one is to appreciate. I looked some of my classmates’ work, and try to understand what they’ve done in their project. I got many new and neoteric thoughts. It makes me think about other possibilities about express ourselves with designing skills.

To draw a conclusion, I found my deficiencies in the Postcode project, I want to change myself and learn more things from everything I have done or I will do. The thing I need to remember now, is to remind myself: keep working hard and enjoy working hard. That’s the sentence which Trudi said in the Postcode project lesson.